Who Can Apply

Who can Apply for a Real Estate Franchise?

For a RE/MAX franchise you require the following:

  • Investment ability from 5 to 15 lakhs
  • An office space in any location
  • Flair to recruit agents to work in the franchise

RE/MAX franchise is all about getting maximum real estate agents who can work under you. The more number of agents you recruit, the more number of properties (inventory listings) you have, and the better options you can give your customers. This increases the probability of the deal getting closed in your office than with any other real estate broker.

The RE/MAX training empowers our franchise owners to get better at recruiting top quality agents from their markets and giving them the tools they need to improve their productivity.

Whether you are starting a new business or already are in a business of your own, if you are looking for a growth opportunity, you can be eligible for a RE/MAX franchise. RE/MAX Franchises are owned by both people who are fresh in the real estate industry as well as those who were in the property business even before RE/MAX.

RE/MAX is a great business idea and hence it is the only real estate company whose name appears in the book “50 companies that changed the world” by Howard Rothman.

The size of an average RE/MAX office is 15 agents; however there are giant offices with 600+ agents in certain parts of the world. On the other hand, there are certain offices which survive with just a couple of agents.

Each franchise office is independently owned and operated. The franchise owner decides how big an office he wants to make, what commission he wants to charge from customers, in which market he wants to specialise and how big a signage he wants to put up! A RE/MAX franchise has no requirement on the duration of an owner’s presence at the office.

Budding entrepreneurs, existing real estate brokers, salespeople, stock brokers, financial advisors, insurance agents, mutual fund distributors, ex-servicemen, teachers, chartered accountants, lawyers, corporate professionals or simply anyone wanting to start a business are can qualify to open a RE/MAX franchise.

Applications for franchises are open right now in the following areas:

  • Mumbai
  • Ahmedabad, Gujarat
  • Vadodara, Gujarat
  • Surat, Gujarat
  • Rajkot, Gujarat
  • Pune, Maharashtra
  • Aurangabad, Maharashtra
  • Nashik, Maharashtra
  • Thane, Maharashtra
  • Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

We are also open to starting a franchise in other areas of Gujarat and Maharashtra which have good scope for real estate and property transactions. Bring your ideas to us today!